1981-1987 Edit

Warning: On a blue background, we see a white FBI square (with a rounded left side) with a standard blue FBI logo. On the right we see the white word "WARNING" (in larger script) and the white warning text below. It would later go to the next screen: On a blue background we see a larger white word "WARNING" in a somewhat odd font and the white INTERPOL text below inbetween the two white bars seen at the top and bottom at the screen.

Variant: A bright maroon background version of this also exists.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on Media Home Entertainment, Music Media, Nostalgia Merchandiser, and Hi-Tips Video releases of the era. Also seen on tapes from Imperial Entertainment and TransWorld Entertainment. The bright maroon background variant was only seen on New Star Video releases. Also appears on Monarch Home Video releases (1st screen only). This appeared at the end of tapes until 1985.

Scare Factor: Depends on the following:

  • First screen: Like most warnings in this format, low to medium.
  • Second screen: Medium; the rather large "WARNING" and its font may surprise some.


Warning: We see the warning screen scrolling up. On a blue background we see the following text in white:


The motion picture contained

in this video cassette is

protected under the copyright

laws of the United States

and other countries. This

cassette is sold for home use

only and all other

rights are expressly

reversed by the copyright

owner of such motion

picture. Any copying or

public performance of

such motion picture is

strictly prohibited and may

subject the offender

to civil liability and severe

criminal penalties.




 Variant: Some releases have the text in a different font. 

FX/SFX: The scroll up of the Warning.

Cheesy Factor: The graphics are very early 1980s.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen at the start of Media Home Entertainment, Music Media, The Nostalgia Merchandiser and Hi-Tips Video releases of the era.

Scare Factor: Minimal.

1987-1996 Edit

Warning: On a light purple background, we see a large transparent white FBI logo in the center. The black text superimposed over it reads:  


Federal law provides severe civil and 

criminal penalties for the unauthorized 

reproduction, distribution, or exhibition of 

copyrighted motion pictures and video 

tapes. (Title 17, United States Code,

Sections 501 and 506) 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation 

investigates allegations of criminal 

copyright infringement (Title 17, United 

States Code, Section 506)

Moments later, it will fade out and go to the INTERPOL warning, which reads:



International agreements and national

laws protect copyrighted motion pictures,

video tapes and sound recordings.

Unauthorized reproduction, exhibition or

distribution of copyrighted motion pictures

can result in severe criminal and civil

penalties under the laws of your country.

After a few seconds, the text will fade to this:



The International Criminal Police 

 Organization-INTERPOL-has expressed 

 its concern about motion picture and 

 sound recording policy to all of its member 

 national police forces. (Resolution adopted

 at INTERPOL General Assembly, 

 Stockholm, Sweden, September 8, 1977)

 Variant: Lyrick Studios also uses this warning (and some releases of VeggieTales from Word Entertainment), except it uses yellow text, a purple stone background, the lining of the text is different, and the line above "INTERPOL WARNING" is absent.

FX/SFX: None except for the fading of the INTERPOL text.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on Media Home Entertainment, Nostalgia Merchandiser, Hudson Music, Hi-Tips Video, and Box Hills Video releases of the era. Also seen on Northgate Entertainment releases as well as later TransWorld Entertainment releases. Also seen on Lyons Group and early Lyrick Studios releases (which at first used the original version, but started using the purple stone version in 1996). The Lyrick/Lyons Group version can also be seen on VeggieTales tapes from Word and Everland Entertainment, likely due to VeggieTales also being released by Lyrick Studios in the late '90s. Also appears on Ardustry Home Entertainment and Allumination Filmworks releases.

Scare Factor: None.

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