• Do the opening previews to the following FoxToons Home Video (Burbank, California) tapes from United American Video Corporation (Charlotte, North Carolina in 1991-1996 & Fort Mill, South Carolina in 1996-2006):

    • Burn Up XD
    • Gunsmith Bulls
    • Crash Nebula Evagelion
    • Pokemon Rancher
    • Autobots
    • Captain N
    • Hello Kitty
    • Yukon Explorers
    • Wild West X
    • Sailor Dawn
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    • Here are the company bumpers and FBI warning screens from FoxToons Home Video tapes released by United American Video Corporation:

      • 1996-1999 Sterling Entertainment Group FBI Warning Screen
      • Now Available From FoxToons Home Video (1996-1999)
      • Now Available From UAV Entertainment (2000-2002)
      • Feature Presentation (1997, 2000-2002)
      • Coming Attractions (1997)
      • Visit Us At (2000-2002)
      • FoxToons Home Video Disclaimer Screen
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